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Full Version: Port 25
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Well my sendmail's on, and im pretty sure my iptable and firewall are allowing access to port 25, but even thought my sendmail's running the port seems to be closed when i nmap my system. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
are you able to connect to your system through port 25? try using telnet to find out:

telnet localhost 25

If it works, you'll see your mail server responding, if not, then it's a problem with your firewall. Double check to make sure you are opening the port (and if the firewall is on a different computer, make sure it's port-forwarded to where your mail server is and that it's using tcp protocol).
i was thinkin maybe it was the default redhat firewall, does anyone know how to shut that off completely?
run "netstat -ltp" as root to see if the sendmail daemon is actually listening to anything but loopback

nope.. sendmails not listed
Check your log files (don't use sendmail, but I'll assume that they are in /var/log).

Something is wrong, and sendmail is not starting. Probally a problem with your config files. Double check! smile.gif

It's always a pain in the ass getting mail to work. =/
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