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Full Version: Help Mandrake 9.2
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I have just installed mandrake on my system, it has partitioned the drive and appears to have installed correctly, BUT
in all the info, it takes you directly to a windows style setup. on my machine, i logon in a dos style system and i don't know how to enter the windows style. Have i done something wrong when installing or is this normal and i just don't know the command to enter windows mode to continue?
Please help.

Many thanks

when the system boots up enter username root
and enter the root password which you SURELY entered during installation (remember, when it asked for that root password right)

then type

if it works , I mean gnome or kde actualy starts up, then hit ctrl-alt-backspace (sorry non english here ... hit the button with this sign on it <- )

cd /etc
vi inittab
goto the line where it says
press I
and delete 3 and type 5 instead
press ESC
type :wq

and it should work,

if for some reason startx wont run, then just come back here and tell us the error

Robert B
Thanks for the help, I actually managed to get it up and running smoothly last night.
One final (hopefully) problem:
My graphics card is fine until i try 3d graphics, I have descovered that it is running the vesa driver but am unsure of how to change the driver. i have a Nvidia 4 graphics card and am looking on the net for the correct driver. I then need to know how to edit my config file in order to change the driver.
Thanks in advance, Phil.
The drivers are on the nvidia site ( and come with VERY good installation instructions

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