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Full Version: Newbie, Stupid Mistake Plz Hlp
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OK, I made a dual boot machine by setting a linux drive as slave and installing xp on a master drive. The xp installation did something to the partition table on the existing linux drive. hdb 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 all are still there, but 3 appears to be zero length and the superblock is missing. Is there any way to re- partition without losing the data (the data on the drive is very important to me, and I believe that it is still there). Someone please help, I am totally new to Linux. unsure.gif
partition 3 might be your swap file for linux...
not totally sure
if you cant boot to linux...i think you
can run the install again and just do
select to upgrade existing linux installation,
it will fix things that are incorrect
and you should be able to get back
into linux

i have done this before and it works...
but i just messed up horribly in linux
and instead of re-installing...i just did
and upgrade.....

hopefully this works for you
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