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Full Version: Install Problems
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Well I'm a long time Microshaft Winblows user trying to install a copy of Debian i386 on my old Pentium 1 system. Initially, I was able to get to the Boot.bat file in the INSTALL Dir of the cd ROM via my Windoze
98 Startup Disk And I had one succesfull Install. But from what I learned I wanted to Re- install because X window wasn't installed the first time. And I wanted to better Partition my HDs also. Then.... I had 3 failed installs Lilo wasn't installing, Even after partitioning a Smalll /Boot partion. And I was unsuccessful creating a boot disk for Linux. Now in a nut SHELL After SEVERAL Repartitions and Reboots I am unable to access my HDs through my W 98 Startup Disk FDISK won't work (it just searches). And I can't Access the Debian CD any more either. Any body have a solution so I can acces my drives and Delete any Partitions or am I gonna have to take a magnet to the Damn thing. I screwed EVERYTHING up.
Have you tried something like knoppix ( which is a bootable linux CD? That should alow you to boot up and use fdisk to partition the drive any way you want.
No, but my CD rom is Pre-98 (not bootable) Need Start Disk. 1.44 Mb only!! Was readable B4 linux Install (@#$% Up), After, No dice. what I need is a hint as to a Utility TOOL that I can make my drives recognized by a letter C:, A:, D: etc. I Have been trying to find a DOS disk but. They are all .IMG Files and all the recomended programs won't write to floppy. I don't know why, but I have an awsome intel build and I should be able to make all knds of bootable floppys but I am having trouble (for now)..... Weither it be Linux or DOS. There is no recognition even with 3rd party partitioning software. I am winblows Dumb,. I am currently downloading a good user friendly. Dist. Of linux through BT XANDROS.DESKTOP.OS.V3.DELUXE.EDITION. But it is of no use unless I can get my HDs to show up in my BIOS. I Kind of want to take a magnet to it all but I know there is a better way. Knoppix is a good Idea but we'll see if I can boot it. My CD drive is pre "AUTORUN" or AUTO boot. neeed 1.44 mb floppy. TO load driver CDROM. but even after loading any tools MY HD and cd rom won't work.

Downloading Knoppix thru bt We'll see if it works.!! It could, Big DL.. Let you know... blink.gif
If your HDD doesnt show up in the BIOS you have bigger problems than what is on the disk itself. Even if a disk is unusuable for reading/writing it will normally show up in the BIOS. Check your jumpers, and try clearing the CMOS settings.

My HDD shows up in the BIOS but After I load dos diagnostic tools it won't be recognized. The RAM drive ends up being C: when it should be D:.
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