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Full Version: Webmin + Proftpd Setup For Website
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Hi guys,

I have just installed proftpd (using webmin). Everything seems to be working okay - I am able to login on the server into my home directory (which I think is the default setting). However, I am trying to setup a website and would like to login to the apache directory /var/www/html so that I can upload .php scripts.

Does anyone know how to set this up in either the .config file or even better webmin?

Thanks in advance,

Add a user (usermod -s /bin/bash -d /var/www/html -G nobody)

make sure umask makes files with read and execute, for group. (umask 072, I belive)

This is assuming that nobody is set in your httpd.conf to group (sometimes only user nobody (or www-data) is put in there, make sure to add group nobody!) Or www-data

passwd username

Change the pass, and you may have to restart proftpd (I don't really remember, sorry. tongue.gif)

And there you go!

Thanks for the speedy response. As I am a bit of newbie could you possibly explain the commands more for me. I am reluctant to use them on my server without knowing what they do.

1) usermod -s /bin/bash -d /var/www/html -G nobody
This makes a new user, but what does -s and -d and -G do?

And is this configuring the proftpd or apache or just creating a new user with a home directory in the /var/www/html directory?

Sorry for not understanding... I am still on the steep learning curve.


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