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Full Version: D.o.s, Why?
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HELP!!! I dont know whats causing this .. my ISP keeps disconnecting me .. im using amule and some times BT (standard version) so im thinkin that it one of these programs caosing this .. please help .i feel like a "Bad Guy" and like im being watched now..

n e sugestions would b greatly appriciated..
You keep getting randomly disconnected, or your ISP thinks you're DOS'ing someone?
Its not randomly that this happens .. they disconnected me because i was DOSing someone ,, apparently its a bad thing (not that I have n e clue of what that means).. what software can cause this to happenn .. i've bin told that it might b the bittorrent aplication. ,,, it has no control over up/down speed nor if seeded or not.. please help i dont want to cause this again .. i have a cable connection and I aparently caused the whole neighborhood to go down.. they said i wa sgetting "MASSIVE" dhcp or dns requests.. ?!

thanx for the feedback.
So what linux distribution / version / kernal are you running?
Are you running a mailserver too?
Have you tried shuting amule to see if that is the problem?
What about a firewall?
First off I gotta say that your services are amazing!! THANX!!!
ok im using Mandrake 10.1 and am running the firewall (security level *high , all other options *default), im not running n e server (as far as i know).. If amule is causing the problem I cannot tell because as soon as i get diconnected I lose all connectivity and cannot check to see what caused the DOS in the first place..Might it have something to do with the Bittorrent client that comes with mandrake? ( i noticed that there is no up/download rate control) ....
DOS is denail of service. It basically means sending usless packets of information across a network, causing (or with the possibility it could cause) service disruption. Do you have any other computers on the network? It is most likely sometihng to do with amule or another internet program which needs to send/receive large amounts of data. Try installing a packet sniffer to try and find out what's doing it (i think "ethereal" comes with MDK 10.1)

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