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Full Version: Partition Problem...
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Hi all im new here and am not sure is there is a way to fix my problem but here it goes... lol

Ok iw ant to install Linux but keep windows, so i need to create some unpartitioned space..

but my windows XP in on a seperat partition from my other stuff.... have no clue why, thats just how my comp came blink.gif

so i was wundering if there was anyother way i could create some unpartitioned space for linux.

i have a 200gb HHD so i can spare as much as needed basicaly lol

i also have tryed useing Partition Magic 8.0 but when i try to run it i get an error saying "Init Failed: Error 117, Partition's drive letter cannot be identified"

I hope some one can help me as i would really like to try out linux for the first time!!

Thanks everyone!

What do you mean by
"my windows XP in on a seperat partition from my other stuff"

How is the drive partitioned? Windows diskmanager should be able to show everything.
Well i eman the operating system is on its own partition.

im totaly new to all this partition stuff. but this is what i see on windowsDisk mamager

I take it what you mean is your Windows system files are on one small partition and they left you the rest to save data on. Its a pretty common thing, and actually pretty smart.

Before you use partition magic, make sure you defragment your drives, that will reduce the risk of data loss. You also might want to make sure that there aren't any errors on the disk.

As for the error, I have never used MP so I am not quite sure, make sure you are setting the drive letters correctly, and very carefully.

Check the drive out in Disk Manager and see what it shows, if it doesn't show the partition something is really wiered.
QUOTE (Jim @ Jan 18 2005, 07:09 PM)
I take it what you mean is your Windows system files are on one small partition and they left you the rest to save data on. Its a pretty common thing, and actually pretty smart.

Yup thats exactly what i mean smile.gif lol
Actually, thats not quite the way I was thinking of it, but I understand now. The problem is that that 5 GB partition isn't "active" so its screwing up partition magic. You could try to delete the partition and see what happens. There isn't anything important on it really, what it contains is a system restore if your box ever crashed, but you are smart enough to deal with it yourself (as long as you have a windows install CD) and wouldn't need that partition.

Otherwise you should be able to get partition magic to see it, but I am not quite sure. When do you get the error? when you run it, or when you try to repartition it?
I get the error as soon as Magic Partition try's to boot up.

And i am going to delete the partition as soon as my comp finnished defragmenting smile.gif

i so hope this works!

when i have deleted it do u think Magic partition will work and i will be able to create some unpartitioned space?

and if something messes up do you think i will be able to put back the partition i will delete? i have it backed up on a dvd-r.
ntfsresize, I have never used the utility. Be sure to backup any data you can not live without.

I might leave the backup partition as is. I would guess that you only have restore disks and not real XP install CDs.

Shrink the C: drive as much as desired. A full install of Fedora or Mandrake takes up about 5 GB of disk space. Just leave the space unallocated because the installer will partition and format for you.
hmm i tryed useing nftsresize.

but when i click my HDD i get this "Critical error running Ped_Disk_New" :s

if i delete the other partition, is there away i could put everything back in their if i uninstall linux?

i have all the aprtition backed up on dvd.
I mean you defininetly could, I just don't know how, I don't know how to create those special partitions and i don't know what special set up neeeds to be done.

There is something wierd with your partition table, what, I am not quite sure, I will look into it though in a bit here when I finish what I am working on. It obviouslly has something to do with that stupid partition, but I don't know what.

i wont delete it just yet then.

thanks alot smile.gif
Partition magic won't install on ntfs from a floppy or cd. it will, if I'm not mistaken, install partition magic 8 from windows. Then you can do your changes. it is really easy to do and asks before it writes if you really want to do it. you can specify where to put the partition. with linux you can put it anywhere, and when it asks don't install boot magic. it sucks and you will want to use the boot loader with your distro.
Hey okay I have been where you are now. Let me just say the best way to get the linux and windows on the same drive is to start new. I know that new versions of linux support NTFS which is the windows XP and 2k file system. When installing linux and windows my rule is start new is you have 200GB then I can help set you a rough drive out line. I use 240 GB at home and run linux and windows so here is how I like to set up the drive

/dev/hda1 100 GB NTFS
/dev/hda2 50 GB /
/dev/hda3 10 GB /home
/dev/hda4 3 GB /opt
/dev/hda5 3 GB /var
/dev/hda6 3 GB /usr
/dev/hda7 3 GB /etc
/dev/hda8 1 GB /swap

okay so that is the partition lay out that I use any way. This method of the lay out lets you use the computer for may differnet uses. /opt is used to instal games etc. /var is used for mail and web servers and such. So to answe your question wipe the drive and start new. You will probely run into many problem resizing windows and plus this way you have complete control over what the drive looks like. You said that the drive was partitioned when you bougth it and thats cool but computers generally aren't set up to exept linux so do something like my out line and you should be fine. Oh and by the way install to / because that is the root!
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