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Full Version: Help! Oh God What Have I Done?
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I've been using fedora core 2 for the last couple of months, I'm pretty new to Linux but finding my way around fast.
I was trying to get my cd berner to work, using gtoaster, was all going fine, but i think I set some path options very badly, and it deleted the contents of my second hard drive.

I have two Hard drives, one for the linux operating system and all, the other, formatted as vfat with all my data on. E.g music, photos, documents, etc. this is the drive that is now blank!

On realising what had happend I unmounted my harddrive, removed it from fstab, shut down and took out my hard drive, to preserve it in... well the state it is in.

What I don't know is, How do I undelete. What is the command, and how do I use it? The data isn't in my wast bin, and as I understand it, when data is deleted it just removes it from the toc, but the data is still there, so long as nothing over writes it, or is it just DOS that works this why?

Is there anyway of saving the information I have lost?

Please help!!!!!
Data recovery is tricky even if it hasn't been written over. Are you sure that the contents where deleted? How are you sure? Do you have windows on your system too? Like I said, data recovery is tricky, but we will try our best to help you out here.
Thanks for the reply,

I'm pretty sure it is deleted. The file browser showed the directory it was mounted in as empty, so did ls as root in a terminal. It is also a 20gig drive, and i forget were, but in gnome I glanced at something that said it had 19.somthingG free, I then got the drive out asap to try and save it while I find out what I'm doing.

I don't have windows installed. The reason it is formated to vfat was because, even in windows i had my comp set up with an operating drive and a data drive. I did reformat it with linux as vfat, I left it as this in case I didn't get on with Linux, and could swap back easily. (Don't worry, a little set back like this isn't going to make me switch back, I'm really likeing linux.)

I've been serching the Internet for info, the only thing I have found that sounds at all right so far is using fsck.vfat -u /mnt/data (/mnt/data is the mount point i normally have it at.) Is this the right tool to use, and is this the correct way to issue it? Reading the help of fsck.vfat command said. I'm reluctent to have ago not knowing what I'm doing, as I know I could easily make the data un-recoverable.

Thanks for your help here, very much appreciated.
My gut fealing is that you if you just try to remount it like normal you will find that all your files are there. I bet what happened is that some how gToaster somehow unmounted it. I doubt that you could set the paths that bad that it deleted the entire drive.

I think you will be able to do it with fscheck but I am not entirely sure, if you want me to try it on one of my test drives first before you do just ask, I will probably get around to doing it sometime here, but if you ask I can probably do it sometime tonight.

Honestly though, I think if you put the drive back in and remount it you will find your files, if not, unmount it and you wont have done any damage. Try that and see what happens.
Ok, I tried mounting it in the same place. It mounted fine, but is still empty.

Re-tracing my steps.
In gtoaster's perferances, ISO9660 tab; I set CDfs area to /mnt/data and checked Delete Fsedit area on exit. This was all done with the gtoaster ran as root, and started from a terminal.

It seems a big ask to get you to test it out, but any help you can give me would be so very welcome.

If you could do with any more info let me know, and I'll tell you all I know.
Thank you for the help.
No, I will test it tonight when I get back from rehersal, I am interested to see this work and I have the extra drives to do it with data thats not important, you are only gonna get one shot at this. I will let you know how it goes later tonight.
ok, so fsck.vfat -u /mnt/data or any variation of fsck.vfat doesn't seem like its going to do it. I couldn't get it to restore my files. fsck is really designed to fix errors in the drive like bad files and what not, not pull them out of the depths.

I am still looking for a solution but not finding any thing. R-Studio is one of the only publically available software tools I have found that could do it, but its for windows only, there isn't a linux client. So thats not gonna help you, plus its like 50 bucks retail. I will keep looking though, but I don't know if I am going to find anything.
Bummer, but thanks for trying.
What do you recon to using a windows undelete program (I've found many) but using wine to run it.
I doubt wine ahs the correct APIs to emulate that kind of behaviour. You can try, but it might mess the disk up and make recovery even harder
I would not try it in Wine, I would fine a friend.

This may help. Undeleting in Linux isn't normally easy although if you have frequent problems, there are some utilities, which if installed first can help you recover deleted files. If not already installed, as is probably the case, the following can recover files:


Jim Dishaw
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