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Full Version: Complete Newbie
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I've been looking to get into the linux comunity after hearing them talk about all the time on The Screen Savers, and I was wanting to know, since I have almost no money what would be the best FREE linux distro for me?
Fedora Core or Mandrake are good distributions to start off with.

There are also several different distributions of live CDs if you do not want to install to the hard drive. Knoppix is an excellent live CD.
All linux distros are Free. You can purchase box sets in stores for distros such as SuSE and Mandrake, but you can also download versions for free on the web. The difference is that the boxed packages contain certian things that they have to pay third parties to include. Thats why it costs you money, if you download the disks from the web, it wont include those things right away, but they can be easially added.

Like michaelk said, Fedora and Mandrake are great distros to start on, personally, I recomend Mandrake. Knoppix is also a great way to see linux on your system without touching the harddrive. Its not intended for long term use, but can be a fun first experience with linux without having to dig into hard drive space.

Really, honestly, you are going to enjoy any distro you get, the biggest hurdle to get over is the install. Mandrake and Fedora both include graphical installers vs something like Gentoo which is all command line. Mandrake also includes an extensive graphical configuration suite ounce you are up and running, something the more power minded distros like Gentoo and Debian don't include.
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