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Full Version: Jailing Sftp Users.
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i am running slackware 10 and ssh2. How do i go about jailing a user to their home dir for sftp? i have been searching (google) and i couldn't find that much useful info. Thanks in advance.
You can't, unless you're willing to have a /bin /sbin /usr/bin /etc (and more) in each user directory.

Only real FTP can do this, I belive.

Just chrooting a user in ssh/sftp would cause so many problems it's not worth it. =/

Just make sure your system is secure, and you have no reason for chroot
there is a way to jail a ssh user to there home directory with a patch to openssh i believe..
i looked up jailing ssh users on google and i didnt particularly care for the concept of doing it...
because i believe it is a very DO AT YOUR OWN RISK sort of thing and i wasnt going
to risk the idea of trashing my system over it.....ive been working with linux for several years
and i dont think i would worry about jailing ssh users unless you absolutely need to...
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