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Full Version: Just Can't Get Postfix To Work ...
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Johnny Nemo
Hey out there:

I just can't get Postfix to work. It won't send mail out. If I compose mail in Ximian Evolution or Mozilla, it won't send; Mozilla's little status bar just sits there ... not moving ... mocking me. I could briefly receive mail, but now that seems to have stopped too.

I have RedHat Linux 8.0 running on an AMD Duron with plenty of RAM and HD space, and I keep the system up to date with ... er ... with Up2Date. When it didn't work with the out-of-the-box RedHat 8 install, I upgraded to Postfix 2.0.3. I ran the "Mail Transport Agent Switcher" and selected Postfix, not Sendmail. I have a DSL connection and a static IP. Serving websites with Apache is no problem; vsFTPd runs my tiny personal ftp site just fine.

I've read everything I can find on the 'Net, and tried it all -- even the bits that contradict the other bits -- and edited the file. As far as I can tell, it should work ... but it doesn't.

I'm hard pressed to believe that I'm the only one to have difficulty with this. If anyone can help, please do! I'll be very grateful, and will pay the knowledge forward! If you need more information about my configuration or anything, please ask.

Thanks in advance for any help. I'm at a real low ebb with this ...

-- Nemo
why dont you run sendmail?
Johnny Nemo
'Cause I read (over and over again) that Postfix is simpler to configure (hah!) and more secure. I'm not wedded to it ... but I couldn't get Sendmail to work either. Is there something wrong with smtpd, perhaps?

-- Nemo
an out of the box install of redhat
all you have to do is make sure
sendmail is running....

better yet if you want to host your own
mail server

i suggest trying communiGATE pro

i have used it and it works wonderful just have to make sure its configured
properly....and its has web based

easy to install

documentation is wonderfull too...
they have great forums too for help

which is a plus

take a look at it.....
Johnny Nemo
Okay ... so I have Sendmail running instead of Postfix. I commented out the line that makes it listen on localhost only.

The same thing happens when I try to send mail in Mozilla: the little "Sending Messages" box pops up, and then sits there. The "Progress" indicator line shows no progress.

Something is wrong somewhere ... If this happens regardless of which mail server I run, will using a third one make any difference?

-- Nemo
using a third party mail server
for example communiGATE pro..
it has its own smtp server...

so if you would use would have
to make sure sendmail and postfix is
stopped on your server...

do you have your incoming
and outgoing server set as your server?
Johnny Nemo
I'm reading up on CommuniGATE -- thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by the last sentence ...

-- Nemo
just read up on communiGATE....its pretty good
Johnny Nemo
Thanks for all your help. I'm learnin' ...

-- Nemo
just make sure you find the settings to turn off
relaying as when you install and start the mail
server it is configured to relay for everyone....
just wanted to let you know...because
i once had my cable connection turned off
because of it....
how is the email going?
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