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Full Version: Dual Boot
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I have a Windows XP system, which is what I use most of the time. I got a new hard drive and left space for some Linux so I could learn it a little on the side. I installed Linspire 4.5 easily enough and it works fine except that you can't really add any programs to the thing without using the damned CNR Warehouse that Linspire has.

I also have Red Hate 9 and I have installed it on a computer when I was in college, so I know the process. However, the dual boot that's setup now is lilo 2.0 and I'm not sure what will happen when I try to install Red Hat overtop of Linspire.

Any help would be appreciated.
Are you ditching Linspire? Actually either way it doesn't really matter. RH9 is going to install GRUB to the MBR and use that as the bootloader, which is better anyways. You should not have any problems if you just install RH9 over Linspire, if you want help installing them next to eachother ask, that can be done too, but I would just ditch Linspire.

And just as a general recomendation: If you don't know RH9 has reached end of life, that means that Red Hat is no longer releasing updates and support. If you are setting up a system to loose long ternm, I would recomend exploring other distros than RH9 namely Mandrake and Fedora. But the call is up to you, Red Hat will work fine, its just that there will be no further Red Hat supported updates.
Yeah I know. I'll only be using it to teach myself some Linux things.

So basically installing RH9 over Linspire will also ditch LILO and replace it with GRUB. I won't be using Linspire anymore, I can't do anything with it because they don't include some of the necessary tools.
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