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Full Version: Installing Thinderbird On Suse 9.1
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Complete newbie here tongue.gif

I have just installed SUSE 9.1 as a dual boot with XP Pro. All is well ( After a few idiot errors!!)

But there is 1 problem I have not got sorted yet. Mozilla Thinderbird

I cannot get this to install and its the only thing I am having real problems with.

It comes as a tar.gz file. I have extracted it ok, but I am unable to take it from there.

Mozilla Firefox came in the same fromat and that installed ok, using Software Install/Remove in YAST.

But YAST will not find the Thunderbird install like the Firefox 1.

I have tryed looking in the folder to see if the readme.txt will help but its no use.

I have looked on the Tunderbird web site but the only install information I found was for Windows.

Can anyone tell me how to get this sorted? Please smile.gif

If I can just learn the way Linux works then its goodbye to M$ Windows for ever.

Thank You. biggrin.gif
there is no installer for thunderbird, out of the box. all you have to do to run it is cd into the thunderbird directory and then type ./thunderbird. i am currectly trying to make a shell script that will work for you
hope this helps
#extract thunderbird package to /usr/thunderbird
tar zxvf thunderbird-1.0.tar.gz -C /usr/
#create a link so that the command "thunderbird" will launch the program
ln -s /usr/thunderbird/thunderbird /usr/bin/thunderbird

I put this in to a file named install-thunderbird, located in the same directory as the thunderbird tar ball
chmod'ed the file with
chmod a+x install-thunderbird

to install:
su -c "./install-thunderbird"

to run:

this worked for me. hope it does for you. Welcome to linux

That told me something!! I must learn more about scripts as I could not get it to work dry.gif

However I have made it work by moving the thunderbird dir to /usr and then setting up a "Link to Application" off the desk top.

Can you let me know if this ok?

i.e. is it going to cause any problems with Linux ??

Thank you very much for your help smile.gif smile.gif
You must rmember that Thunderbird is not yet considered finsihed, and therfore currently has no installer. When it is finished, it should be similar to installing Firefox.

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