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Full Version: Help - Hardware Damage?
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Hi all, my system is royally screwed at the moment, just wondering if anyone could help me diagnose the cause.

My red hat 9 installation was acting up, so I backed up my necessary files and did a fresh install of fedora core 3. The installation completed, and fedora core booted fine, taking me to the setup menus for the first bootup. However, as soon as it hit the soundcard area, the computer froze, screen, system, and all. On subsequent attempts to reboot or reinstall the OS, the computer simply locks up during boot up, at different points each time. I then went into the BIOS menus and checked the CPU temp, and it read 92 C (a little hot, right?). So my question is, which pieces of hardware on my computer are likely damaged at this point?
Sounds like you had / have a fan/heaksink issue on your processor, which caused your initial issues in RH9.

What might be damaged is hard to tell ... if you fix the cooling issue, maybe nothing is damaged. Or maybe the CPU is bad, but everything else is OK ... OR the cpu and motherboard could have heat damage.

My experience says that probably there is not board damage caused by heat ... but maybe cpu damage.
Is there any easy way to tell whether the CPU and motherboard have damage? Or do I have to swap parts and see what works?
first thing i would do is repleace the cpu heatsink/fan and see if you can boot. if every thing runs fine then your golden if not try to swap out the cpu if everything runs then your good if not try swaping the mother board.
You will have to swap them.

Thanks for the help, I replaced the heat sink and CPU fan and now everything seems to be working fine.

Now I have another, completely unrelated question...

Why won't XMMS play any of my sound files? I used yum to install the xmms-mp3 package, and the output is set to eSound, but when I try to play anything XMMS just skims really quickly to the end of the playlist without actually playing any sound.
Are you sure its loading the files? Thats what happenes to me when my windows drive isn't mounted (where the mp3s are). Make sure that the paths of the files is correct and see what happens. If XMMS is having modules issues it will tell you, and if it thinks its working it will play the whole file. When it skips files it usually means it can't find them.
Apparently all of my sound files were 0 bytes.... not sure how that happened. But that explains the error.
Have you been able to get it to work now?
It works now, something fishy happened when I transferred my backups onto my hard drive yesterday. Thanks for the help!
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