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Full Version: Don't Have Needed Packages
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Hey guys, I'm an extreme newb to Linux and am looking for some help. I downloaded a program from SourceForge called AP Radar. I tried installing this program on my Red Hat 8 system and it says that I don't have the necessary packages to do so. I looked up the packages that it listed and was taken to a site called I am not sure if the packages that it listed that were necessary are platform independent or not. And I'm not quite sure what to do with them or if they are dependent upon other packages that I might be lacking. Here they are.

Is this something that should have come with my RH install? A friend recommended installing all the "Development" packages with Red Hat. I did so and it hasn't helped me out any. I am also using Up2Date, to no avail. Any recommendations regarding where I should download these and how I should go about it would be great. Also, is this a common problem that I will run into often or is it somewhat rare? Thanks for any help you can provide!
you can try going to
and trying doing a search for the files you might not come up with
the same name after the search
but rather...the exact rpm that supplies
the file(s) needed...
Thanks, but my only other question is that a search result on reveals 4 columns. Package, Summary, Distrobution, Download. I think I understand what all of these mean except for Distrobution. Does that mean that I have to find packages that say "Red Hat 8.0" or does distrobution mean something else? Or can I use one that says "Red Hat-7.3 for i386" instead? Where is the line drawn? Thanks.
you have to use the packages that are relevant to
your distribution you are using....

you say you are using RH8.0
then you need to use the packages
that are listed for RH8.0
What if there are no packages listed on rpmfind that are for RedHat 8.0? How am I to get those packages and install a program?
you can get them off your install cds
I just installed every package related to development from my CDs and it didn't work. I also looked down the alphabetized list of all packages I could install from my CDs and none of them matched either the packages that were stated missing or the packages that I found on that said they included the packages I needed. I'm lost as to where I am supposed to find this stuff on my CD.
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