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Full Version: Tring To Explore My Cd
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Im using Suse Linux and I can't figure out how to grab files off my cd, I want to just explore it similar to Windows explorer and grab what I want - is there any way to do something like this? or even just see the files on my cd at all?
Thank you very much.
You need to mount the CD first, then you can explore the contents with a file browser like Konqueror. If you are using KDE just launch Konqueror and either navigate to /mnt/cdrom or click on devices in the left menu. Then you can view contents and drag, drop, copy, what ever.

If you are having problems doing this, then you probably don't have an entry in your fstab file, which is odd. To check this open up the file /etc/fstab in an editor, and make sure there is a line that looks something like this
/dev/cdroms/cdrom0    /mnt/cdrom    iso9660  noauto,ro,users    0 0

The actually address of your cdrom rom (the /dev/.... part) might be different but thats the general idea. If you need to add the line, you might want to come back and ask for specific help.

It is important to remember the key difference between windows file structure and the way linux works. In windows, each device is assigned a letter, C:/ D:/ ... such. But in linux everything, no matter how many different devices you have, all are under the same file tree. So although it may seem like your hard drive is / thats not really true, your hard drive is mounted at / but if you want to see your CD-ROM drive you assign it a folder in that structure, like /mnt/cdrom. Its called mounting. If you want a further explination, just ask, I can go into more detail. Hope this helped.
First of all thanks for the help.
Now I surfed into mnt and that was empty but my etc/fstab has the following:

/dev/cdrecorder /media/cdrecorder subfs fs=cdfss,ro,procuid,nosuid,nodev,exec,iocharset=utf8 0 0

Which I assume is my cdrom/recroder, I'm not a total stranger to linux so I also find this strange - why would my mnt folder be empty?

Thanks for all your help biggrin.gif
Looks like your cdrom is mounted in /media and not /mnt

Yup, its in media. Thanks for the help I really do appreciate it.
Just for my future refernce, what version of SuSE are you running?
I was using 9.1 personal but I've done all the updates so I'm not sure which one that qualifies me as having.
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