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Full Version: Missing Net Connection Icon In Task Bar
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I have a fresh install of linux Mandrake ,,, works fine,, but i sumhow lost the Network ststus icon in the "task bar" ..and cant find link to add it back,, under KDE

Please someone,, Help , i cant tell if im connected or not...and i have lost control of my hookup.

Frustrated :
I can't quite figure out what tool you are looking for. If you right click on the "task bar" you can go to add then applets and see a list of things to add. I asume you tried that and can't find it. I am not familiar with the applet you are talking about. Was it there by default last time you isntalled Mandrake? Also, are you not able to connect with out this applet, when you say you have "lost control" of your NIC what do you mean by that, and what exactly are you using for your "hook up"
I have a Cable connection and yes the "applet" was there by default. it's just an icon that sits in your taskbar/system tray...on which you can click to access your network connection , (monitor network and functions such as enable or dissable).. I did look for it in the Add and remove list but there is no entry for it.. now im automaticaly on line all the time and cannot access my connection to disable it unless i go to > configure my computer"...!

thanx for n e help.
hmm - Yup, I have it on mine...

I cant find what it's called though, or where it gets turned on and off... But I remember turning it on...

so you do know what im talkin about.. its not a serious issue but its a convienience nad its a good way to see whats happening with your system..its mostly just frustrating .. might it be some kind of "Deamon" or something? perhaps it wasnt properly installed or uninstalled with some other package?
It has to be turned on somehwere, I jsut cant for the life of me remeber where...

Anyway, I am rebuilding my Gentoo server, so am currently stuck in Windows as the server is neede to serve my desktop, and autenticate my logins...

Have a peruse of the KDE config panel

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