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Full Version: Help Me Im Lost
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Ok I have windows XP on my system and funny enough im quite happy with it i struggle as with all things
that BG makes to stop it falling over but thats life right. Well my brother says no use linux.............

Ok so I got Fedora and download it and partitioned my hard drive into two 20 gig bits

Installed xp on one and fedora on the other the grub boot loader fell over and basicly i couldnt access either.

Apperntly my MBR was damaged i have tried four different veshion of linux and two all of em use grub and all fail to work on dual boot.

I have tried FDISK /MBR with a 98 startup

I have tried FIXMBR on Xp recovery and about a ton of others

2 days latter and a lot less saner

In the end using 98 startup I had to remove both partions create a Fat32 partion 40 gig then type A:SYS C: and then install a fresh copy of xp on from scratch using it to recreate the NTFS system just to make it boot again.

This took allmost 6 hours


I want to learn and use linux im even building a machine to test it on but till then i need to work out why the MBR keeps getting stuffed up and how to fix it with out the above.

PLZ email me ifyou can help

maybe you've got some really nasty virus on that computer that destroyed the mbr ? and is still there on the disk (I had a nasty encounter with that chernobil $#@$#@ and it even remained on the disk after format... )

I have sofar tried dual but WinXP Slackware, Mandrake, Suse, Fedora Core 1 , Fedora Core 2 , Whitebox 3.0 , CentOS 3.3 , Fedora Core 2 and none of em had that problem

also you could try and scan the disk for a bad sector,

Robert B
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