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I got this problem. Our lab has about 4o comps each connected in a network through a D-link hub. All the comps have win98 installed.
Since we also eed to learn linux we decided to use one of the comps as a linux server. Using this server other comps could telnet to it and work on linux.
This is what i've done....
* Made a linux server installation. (REd HAt 7.3 with gnome and KDE)
* Manually configure the IP address of the linux server using "netconfig".
After configuring the IP add. we tried telnetting to the server but it never worked.(gave an error "could not open a connection to....) I want to know if I need to start some extra services of linux or install something so that the telnet will work. Please tell me what to do using the Gnome or KDE GUI.
Check that xinetd is running, then look in /etc/xinetd.d dir for the telnet file and set "disable=no" in the file
Also check that port 23 is open (see /etc/services file).
i would use ssh instead of telnet because of the
security transmission is encrypted
and its enabled at startup on default
and you can use
the ssh program for windows named putty
to connect to your linux box


for putty.exe
Actually i agree re ssh, but he did ask about telnet. Ssh can be a bit intimidating if you've never seen it before smile.gif
a lot of people have told me 2 use SSL .. but security is not really a problem as it is an internal network ....
anyway i'll try what "chrism01" said .
ssh and telnet are the same thing
the only difference is that the trasmission of data
is encrypted with ssh which is alot safer
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