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I am very new to linux and currenty am running mandrake 10.1. I have 4 hard drives in my comp of which 3 are in a RAID 0 which has windows on it. The 4th hard drive is just for linux. Is there anyway I can access the files that I have on my other hard drives in windows, such as mp3's mpeg, and etc...... Also, how can I access my linux HD to see what files I have on it, what command do I type??? ?? Im a super newb at this stuff and appreciate any support.

once you booted linux open up the console and type

fdisk -l

and tell us what it looks like.

I bet my beer on it that the file system you use for windows is NTFS (which is ok, since fat 32 sux)

so you will need kernel nfts support

if you have a red hat clone distro

do a apt-get install kernel-module-ntfs

or yum install kernel-module-ntfs

then reboot
try mouting the ntfs system again

mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/mydrivec

and it should mount in the example ntfs parition /dev/hda1 to /mnt/mydrivec

NOTE!!!! /mnt/mydrivec MUST EXISTS!!! or you'll get errors

Robert B
With Mandrake 10.1 you have only read-access to a NTFS-partition (e.g. for Windows XP for example). So you type in a console "su" [Enter], followed by your superuser password. Then you start midnightcommander (the Norton Commander for Linux) with typing "mc".
Now you can read (and therefore copy) all the files you want from your Windows partition to linux. But you have no write access. For this you need captive (but I am not sure if this isīnt obsolet with the new 2.6 kernel). For the convenience I have established a FAT32 partition as an exchange disk between Windows and Linux (on FAT32 Linux has read AND write access).

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