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Full Version: Boot Error
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now i have this error during boot

There was an error loading the theme defulft

couldnt reconize the image file format for the file '/usr/share/gdm/themes/default/icon-language.png'

when that error comes up there is a ok icon but when i click it it just sits there and dont do anything

is there any way to restore the last secsessfull boot state?
I don't know of any option in any of the distros I am familiar with to do what you are asking, but that doesn't mean its not there.

What I would suggest is first getting yourself into a CLI. When your computer boots up, at GRUB, highlight the entry for your linux system, and press e to edit. Edit the first line so that you are adding init 3 then boot it up. (b)

It should now boot it into text mode. Log in and you can at least move around your files. I would recomend going and making sure the file is there. One trick may be to simply copy the file over to a different name. If the GUI can't see it it may skip it or work around on its own. Copy it to like con-language.png.old or something.

BTW what distro are you using? and it apears you are using GNOME right?
andy1974 there any was to switch the theme before it boot to gome?
thats what I am trying to figure out right now. But if you are having trouble with the default theme, I don't know what theme you are going to switch it to.
One sweet and simple solution is...use KDM dump GDM...edit file
/etc/inittab and at the botton you would see this line..
.../etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon

You edit and put following lines there.
.../etc/X11/kdm -nodaemon

But before that..just check where is KDM..just do a "whereis kdm".
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