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Full Version: Suse 9.2 -no Drivers?
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I recently installed Suse linux 9.2 Professional. I only have 2 issues with it: no ethernet, and no sound. Now, this has happened to me before with all previous distros except for one -Knoppix. Knoppix so far has been the only distro that configured my system (ethernet and sound). I was wondering, if the freeware knoppix can do this, why cant the PAID suse professional? My main question is: Is there a way to take the drivers/whatever I need to make Suse work from Knoppix and move it to Suse? My friend said something about having to install the modules manually? This is no problem, but I really want suse to work, buecause 9.2 is one of the best OS's I've seen so far.

System specs (necessary info):
ethernet: Intel Pro/100 VE ((integrated))
sound: SoundMAX integrated digital audio ((integrated))
dual-boot win xp pro, and suse 9.2

any help/suggestions would be wonderful, as i am a hapless noob to linux smile.gif
hmm - first step, see if Linux knows about your hardware. I assume Suse has some kind of hardware manager? (If not, then network confg should have something about a net card).

You could try disbaling them in the BIOS, and then rebooting, then enabling them one a time to see if they get detected then

Oh, they're all detected, they just don't work....
I guess that is something

I think the drivers for your NIC can be found at (Official intel ones)

Do you know the model number of your mobo? It might help to track the info down, what with it being integrated
thanks for the link, no i dont know the mobo number, but ill try to find out

open console


also check you

cat /etc/modules.conf

there should be some alias for ethernet
for example alias eth08139too

what does it show?

Robert B
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