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Full Version: Help Installing Games
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I'm still pretty new to linux
I have Suse 9.1 personal

I just bought Hemming Linux Games CD ... its comes with instrustions but its not making sense to me.... I tried looking up info online and also came up with nothing

the directions say to:

Open the index_e.htm in the CDs main directory
Select program group
Copy the respective file onto your hard disk by clicking on "Copy Program"
Extract the program (e.g. by using a program such as midnight commander)
Follow the installation instructions

ok.... so I get to the games list and I see where it sez to "Copy File" but when I click it it just shows me the folder... and from there I have no idea how to extract... I tried something I read online....I used tar -zxvf FileName.tar on a shell and that added the file to my Desktop... but then I can't do anything more from there.... I tried going into the directory of this file and do ./configure - nothing happens. then I try to make then make install - again nothing happens...
does anyone out there know an easy way for my to get these games on my system??

Assming you are using KDE, then right click and select "Extract" (or the other relevant option)

no KDE
but I think I got the extract part down with the tar -zvf command... I'm having problems with the actual install
and Make make install does nothing
i assume u have a folder on your desktop with the games source files in it,
open the terminal, and type
it should go through some stuff make sure u dont get any errors
-then type
once again make sure there are no errors, then finally type
"make install"
and that should do it, however, i believe that suse linux doesn not package gcc and the make binary, youll probably need to install gcc, and make, and im not quite sure where to get them
Can you give us an "ls" of one the game directories? It might be that you doont actually need to compile them, and that they are ready to run as-is, or provide a installation program

I'm not a t home right now so I don't have access.... but it doesn't recognize make
I know that for sure
in the actual folder there is a makefile imakefile etc....
there is an install file but I follow the instructions... and make doesn't work
I think my problem at this point is just installing it.... from what I've read ... it seems like it is ready to be installed... but all the directions I've read say to make then to make install and it just doesn't recognize make.

any other cammands I can try to install?
Sounds like you dont ahve the devleopment packages installed - Try getting the GCC pakcges insatalled (as suggested above). although I ahve never used Suse, so I dont know how package installation works on it...

they're just rpm packages, real easy to install, open up the terminal and use "rpm -Uvh (filename).rpm" , u should try that one and then install this one , then you should be able to compile them, in fact if thats what your problem was.
Surely, if there is no compiler on the system, then source RPMs are no good??
Yeah,Plz do a "ls".You might even have a binary version,so no need to compile.
So if no need to compile... what would be the first step?
If its a RPM package the instructions have been given already.
Or it might have a executable,just do "./<prog_name>' and you are ready to rock.
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