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Full Version: X11 Won't Die
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here is my problem. I ahve X11 running on slackware 10.0. which in and of itself is great. But if i try to exit X11 it hangs. I am not sure why. I have tried removing and reinstalling x11 to no avail. Help please. it was working fine until now.
What video card are you using? I use to experience this with my older Voodoo Banshee card.
I have the same problem when I try and stop the DM after starting it as root. I figure the answer is not to run X as the root user, I tihjk the universe is trying to tell me something...

Have a look in /etc/X11 for a server log, it might tell you where it's going wrong

im using an ati 7500 sad.gif.
And the log says that i am trying to access an unavailable resolution.
And I havent yet loged into X as root.
I switched windows managers, and the problem occurs less often must of been something with KDE
Can you paste the exact error? It makes it easier to Google

must of been somethign with kde. I switched to pekwm and just run kde ontop of that haven't had any problems as of yet.

And i would paste the error except it wasnt in a log during one of the hangs it flashed on the screen for about 2 secs so i didnt even get a chance to read it completely. sorry and thanks
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