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Full Version: 1 Box Accessing 2 Different Networks
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Hello everyone
Here's what I would like to achieve. I have a ADSL modem, a linux box, a switch, a router, a network connected to the router, and 2 IPs. I want to connect the modem to the switch, which in turn distribute the 2 IPs to the linux box and to the router (for my network). However, when i actually do this, the 2 nic on the linux box conflict one another. They both obtained ip (from the switch and from the router), but neither of them can reach out.
I'd say that I know fairly little about linux. So any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.
So I drew the picture to tr to figure this out, and I think you are running into the problem when you go from the modem to the switch. I am a little confused about the whole two IP things.

Are you saying that you get two IPs from the modem? or one ip from the modem and one from the local router? Either way, I am confused about what you are trying to do here.

The problem to me seems to be that the switch doesn't know what to do. A switch is not intelligent, that is, it can't route specific IPs to specific computers or anything like that. If I understood a little better I might be able to help. Please clarify some more, specifically about where these two IPs are comming from. This is what I invision you are trying to set up, correct me if I am wrong.

DSL Modem------> Switch ---------> Linux box
                                     |                 ^
                                     |                 |
                                     |                 |    
                                      -------> Router

To me, this design doesn't really make any sense, and I am not sure what you are trying to attempt. If you tell me what you are trying to attempt (ie, what you want to be able to do) I could help you create a set-up that would work better for your needs.
Thank you Jim for your reply. And sorry for the the confusion regarding the 2 IPs. What I meant is that my ISP provides me with 2 IPs. So the first 2 devices connected to the switch will have their own unique IPs.

Your drawing is entirely correct. What I want is to have a central file server that can be accessed by both the web and the private network (governed by the router). However, I don't want the network to have to access the server by going outside the router, because I will be needing services such as samba. The server will host http, mysql, ftp, smb, and possibly vpn and other services. So basically what I want is a fully funcional server that's not behind the router, but still can be a part of the network behind the router.

Again, thank you very much for your help.
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