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Full Version: Two Annoying Problems
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I'm using fedora core 2, and Gnome.
When I wish to do somthing that askes for the root account in gnome, I.e. Redhat alert notification icon, I get six keys appeare next to the time. When I first installed, this didn't happen, I have no idea when it started, or what is making it do it. Has anyone else had this happen, and does anyone know how to stop it?

Second. If I want to install something from one of the fedora install disks using Add/Remove applications, if i have to change disks it's can't find the disk in the cd-rom drive. Again on first install it didn't do this. How can I get this working again?

Thanks for reading, hope one of you has the answers.
Basically the two problems are at a basic level related in some odd way. Your system seems to be having trouble releasing things.

With the keys, its root privilage. The key apears when you have entere the root password to run something to remind you that you have given it root permision for some reason. Idealy, as long as the key is there, it should ask you for it again. You should be able to right click on the key and "release" the root privilage. As for why there are six, I am not quite sure, do they all apear at ounce or over time?

As for the CD issue, it probably isn't unmounting the CD when you eject, so it can't remount the new one. Make sure you manually unmount the CD before you eject it, that should fix that problem.

Really, those are just two work arounds, I don't have an answer as to why it is apearing. Something could have tweaked in your recent install, or it could be a new bug in a new version of something. Sometimes they take two steps forward and one back in updates. Make sure everything on your system is up-to-date and we can see what happens.
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