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Full Version: Pengaol Dialer
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Newb.... am now 1 month into this modem thing. Using Best Data external hdwr modem. answers OK in
minicom and has been configured in ML 10.0 Kppp. Just found out AOL doesn't support Linux. Please
leave the AOL thing alone ....don't have DSL or broadband in boonies.....its cheap and it works.
Modem dials out...connects... then hangs up error 16 or 19(modem hangs up or fails to authenticate).
Have now downloaded peng1.05.tar.gz on a Wxp machine and transferred to floppy which I now have in
ML 10.0 PC. Have read the install file on peng site. It just says unpack and install file etc.
Am new to command line. Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial that gives explicit instructions on how to:
1. copy the file from floppy
2. where to copy it to...
3. how to unpack it (unzip?)
4. etc......
Many of these how tos assume that the user already knows some of these basic procedures and the syntax
necessary to perform them but I don't. If someone wants to walk me thru ... I would appreciate. I have a
printer working now; if I could just get this internet hookup working I could continue learning more about
CL and Linux.
You can do all of that from within the GUI - then just switch to command line for the actual installation

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