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Full Version: Cannot Get Any Sound
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Hi there all hope that you can help

I have red hat 9 on my pc. When I try to play any type of music, no sounds come out. I have configured the sound card ( sound blaster live ) and I can clearly hear the test sound. the volume controls are turned up. Nothing is on mute. The CD player is working, and the cd software controls are showing the title of the cd and everything appears to work as it should. Yet it is totally silent.

This system is dual boot with windows XP PRO and all sound works perfectly with that. Any help would be much appreciated I am very very new to Linux as you can tell.


Mark %-)
Do you know if you have an audio cable coming out of the back of the cdrom drive and plugging into the sound card?

Windows seems to somehow work without this cable but Linux does not.
Windows uses the process of Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) to play audio CDs without the need for an audio cable. Some linux applications like Kcd need the cable but the latest versions of xmms do not.
Windows '98 wont work without it. Just thought I would throw that in...

Anyway, you can enable DAE in XMMS by going:

Options -> Preferences -> Audio I/O Plugins -> CD Audio Player (In the box) -> Configure (Underneath the box) -> Change the Play Mode to to DAE

Although, as the no sound at all is working, it probably isnt the problem.

What model is your soundcard? (I suggest you ask XP - As Linux is getting something wrong here)

Hi there all.

Many, many thanks to all who have replied. I have found the problem biggrin.gif

Would you believe a faulty audio cable wacko.gif

So I am now enjoying a very musical Linux experience.

Regards from a cold dark


Mark %-)))
It is a bit cold and dark isn't it... But we have had the shortest day, so it can only be up...

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