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Full Version: Uninstalling And Repartitioning W/out Losing Xp
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Phaen Ilda

I'm running FC 3 on my Inspiron 1100 notebook and I've never uninstalled Linux before. Haven't had to until now due to some internet things. I have a 20gig hard drive and it's partitioned into (about) equal sized Linux and Windows XP partitions.
I want to uninstall Fedora and add the space it's using to my XP partition without losing everything on Windows.
If this isn't possible then I'd like to know how to remove everything and unpartition the damn thing, I don't have too much on Windows that I can't reformat. It's got some adware anyway.

Help, please!

Thanks much, everyone
Just use partition magic, in windows, to remove the linux partition and resize your windows partition.
Phaen Ilda
Right.. that would require access to Partition Magic.. which I lack, seeing as I'm broke and running 56k
48mb on 56k shouldn't take too long.

Since I'm not allowed to post links to warez and whatnot on these forums, please contact me (Termina) on IRC. #unhandledexceptions
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