Don't have DSL or Cable in our area. Using dial up with Best Data 56k external serial
hardware modem (says Linux compatible on box) on COM 1 . Has been configured in Kppp. Was
originally instructed by tech support to open minicom which I did not even know was
not installed. Installed it, then found out Kppp is the KDE interface to minicom.
Modem answers query so I assume it is installed. Anyway...... I already have wmconnect
ISP account (AOL knockoff). It works fine and is cheap. Now trying it from
Mandrake 10.0 and I hear the modem dial then "handshake" then quiet like it is trying to
connect,then error..."pppd daemon has unexpectedly died error 16". This means the modem hung up.
Maybe it means the ISP modem hung up ?
Anyway, I have tried minicom commands and all configuration combinations in luck.
I have also been to linmodem and winmodem luck. The modem works in Windows.
I called my ISP. They claim their software is not Linux compatible
and therefore I cannot use their service. I explained that I dont need their browser, but
tech still thinks it is incompatible. Is this true? Do I have to use Linux compatible ISP?
Am very new to Linux and would like to get online before trying all kinds of hairy modem
commands. Please offer GUI solutions as well as CL.
Any ideas?
Thank you