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Full Version: Monitor Detection Help For Newbie
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I built a computer for my dad for christmas and put fedora core 3 on it. It works fine with my monitor but the monitor my dad has is not detected on boot up and I wind up with about 8 overlapping images of fedora on the screen. I have lowered the resolution and have still had no sucess. I have also tried knoppix, dsl, and slax. None of them work either. The monitor he has is old possibly from a 486 or pentium but he does not want to buy a new one. Can I make this one work?

Max Resolution: 1024 x 768
Sync Type: Seperate
H Freq/ V Freq: 31.5/35.2/37.9/48.4 Khz / 50-100 Hz
Monitor Type: Multisync/Multiscan
Tube Size: 14
Connector: HD -15
What not edit Xorg.conf manually and put the horizontal and vertical frequncy ranges manually.
I didn't know how...i'm not familar with the comand lines. I was able to get it to work by using my monitor to set it up then changing monitors works great now i've just got to figure out what programs are out there for linux now. I have 4 motherboards and supplies for about 3 computers laying around. I've downloaded fedora core 3, mandrake 10.1, and I have the knoppix TAG dvd I might install. I've been waiting for debian sarge to become stable I would really like to try it. The last time I tried to install debian woody it came up to the command prompt and I had no idea how to get it into a graphical environment and couldn't surf the web to figure out how.

Thankx for the advice
Get yourself to a command promt, (ctrl-alt-backspace kills the GUI) then login as root

Once that's done, use "vi" (a text editor) to edit the file. To do so, issue the following command

vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf

To insert text, you need to press the insert button, and to save press esc (to stop instering text) then type :wq (yes, thats a colon at the start). That will save the file and exit

The xorg config file is pretty easy to nderstnad, and normaly hasa few well placed comments to explain

Once you have edited the file, type startx to boot the UI. Any errors will be printed to the command prompt for yuou to look at and ponder over.

If ypou cant kill the GUI (if often jsut restarts itself) then reboot, and when told you can do so, press I to enter interactive startup and start everything but "dm" (the display manager)

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