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Full Version: Problem Getting Network Adapter To Work
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Hey everyone I have a problem (duh i'm posting here). But anyways I'm having a problem getting my network adapter to run in linux.

I'm new to linux. My cousin convinced me to install it on my laptop just a few days ago so i'm trying to get used to it. I'm running slackware 9.1 kernel version 2.4.22. I have a Linksys Fast Ethernet 10/100 PC Card (cardbus).

I went to linksys site to find some help. . I went to the site to the the tulip.c driver i needed and the related files it listed.

The problem is that when i finally compiled the tulip.c like the directions at the end of the file said to (command that the linksys site gave didnt work) i get a whole bunch of warnings having to do with specific lines in the driver. This happened when i did the cardbus compile command by the way. the cmd compile worked fine. So it wouldnt let me do the final step on the linksys site of copying the file over becaues it wasnt ever created like compiling should have done. (at least i think thats what compiling should have done. Again i'm new to linux and am not that knowlegable about what the commands should have done.)

the site said something about using netdriver.tgz package instead of the single driver since i'm using a kernel above version 2.2 but the only problem is they dont have the damn package on their site and i couldnt find any other site that has it.

If anyone could help me out here I'd really appreciate it. Just remember I dont know much about linux so treat me like i'm a moron and go slow lol. Thanks
The package at the bottom of this sight should work. If you need help installing it, just come back and ask. There are readmes and howtos and stuff on the sight, but you know, sometimes they aren't the best. Good luck.
i forgot to mention.. that was the first thing i did.
ok.. i decided to reinstall linux and start over again. I downloaded that package pcmcia-cs-3.2.8.tar.gz from again and unpacked it. When i go through the ./Configure i get this
"It looks like you have a BSD-ish init file setup.
You'll need to edit /etc/rc.d/rc.S to invoke /etc/rc.d/rc.pcmcia
so that PCMCIA will start at boot time."

ok so i know how to edit a file but i don't know exactly what i need to put in the file.
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