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ok i'm looking for a linux that is easy to use and that can support dual processor and capture cards like ctx md001. so what i ask is what linux i shuld use for this dual processor and capture card?
Almost any of them can support dual processors. I would recomend Gentoo though, thats going to give you the best control over the way the duals are used. However, you are going to need to do a stage 1 install, and thats tricky, but I think in this case it would be worth it. Debian would also work well, Fedora, ....

As far as the capture card, I have no idea, hit google and try to find somebody else who has tried it. My guess is, that none of the distros are going to support it "out of the box" and that means that any support for it, it going to come from installing modules, which you should be able to install on any distro you want.

I would hit google for info on the card, and you should be fine on the duals if you pick any distro, especially the power distros.
well can i install windows drivers for the capture card and the capture software for this? what do i have to do?
No you can't. You are going to have to find linux drivers. If I get some time later I will try to dig some up for you.
ok i am going to download and install fedor core 3 linux. you said just about any linux dose support dual processor right?
The key thing is the kernel has to support dual processors, and since all linux distros are essentially based on the same kernel, you are golden. Kernel 2.4 was the first to support dual by default, and 2.6 has made improvements to this support. Fedora Core 3 uses 2.6 so you should be a go on that.

As for the capture card, I think you are going to run into issues. I couldn't seem to find anything on it when I hit google. So, the only way to figure it out is to do the install and go from there.
dose wine hq allow you too install windows drivers?
nope - they are too low-level, and wouldnt get the proper access to hardware thet they require from inside Wine. NOt to mention the fact that Wine tends to run slower, and also doesnt run the majority of programs (yet)

how about a Universal driver for my ctx md 001 is there one like that?
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