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Full Version: Adding A Harddrive
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I currently have a 20gb harddrive, with a 5.8gb / partition, a 12gb /home partition and the swap partition. I just got a new 120gb harddrive for christmas. I want to add it to my linux computer, my question was though what is the best way to partition everything? I need a small windows partition which I currently do not have. Should I just add a windows partition to my current drive and format the new drive with linux? If I do that will windows be able to access .avi files on the linux drive and vice versa?

Thanks ahead for any help.
You could set the new drives as master, and reinstall Linux and Windows on it. Then, once you have done that copy the data across form the old disk (which should be mountable in Linux) and then repartition it as extra storage, or maybe just nput Linux on the 120, and Windows on the old one.

Linux can see Windows drives, but Windows cant see Linux drives.

Windows cant see Linux drives

unless you want to use some proprietry software.
and since windows is unusable WITHOUT proprietry software.... wink.gif
The only reason I'm keeping windows it for media related stuff, burning VCDs, DVDs, splitting .avi files. So if Linux will read Windows drives but not vice versa, I should have my main storage as a Windows drive so that it will be accessible by both OSes.

Is it possible to repartition a drive without formatting it? If so I could just add a Windows partition to my old drive to put the OS on, and format the new drive as a windows drive for storage only.
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