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Full Version: Boot Error
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Hi everyone, I'm a supermega newbie who knows little if not nothing about pcs and Operative systems. That said, I have the following problem: yesterday I bought a Serial Ata Hard Disk (that'll be the third hd I have on my pc). After disconnecting the other 2 hds and installing Mandrake linux 10.1, I reconnected the other 2 hds (1 with Suse 8.0 and one with Windows Xp). Unfortunately I haven't eversince been able to boot again Windows Xp as everytime I try to, I get a message which tells me something like: "Boot Error, it's impossible to launch you O.S.". I have also tried to mount my Windows hd on Mandrake but it has all been unsuccessful. I am very confused since before the error ocurred I hadn't been messing with partitions or anything. I'm really desperate because I have a lot of crucial data on that HD so I really need to find a way to recover the data in one way or another. I would be extremely grateful if anyone could help me (and possibly using a non too specific kind of language as I wouldn' t be able to understand it).
Thanks to everyone.
hmmm - It is customary to leave other HDs plugged in when adding a new OS - that way it gets the drive assignmetns right. Mandrake hasa nice partition wizard in the installation, so it wont overwrite anything you dont tell it to.

Try reinstalling without unplugging the old HDs

Merry Christmas

I know it might sound a stupid question but if I re-install Mandrake, won't I lose all my data on the new HD?
May I ask why you would remove the other hard drives, install an os, and them put them back in? smile.gif

Windows will not boot because it no longer sees itself as Drive C:

Windows is a bit bitchy, and *needs* to be C:

I'd suggest you put it back how it was (primary master? secondary master?), while keeping the other hard drives in.

Otherwise, you might have to reinstall windows (not linux).
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