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Full Version: Red Hat 9 & Java
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I'm trying to install LimeWire for my son; it needs Java, so I downloaded that (RPM) and installed it. Now, to enable and configure it (evidently) I need to go to the plug-in directory in Mozilla and create a link to the Java plug-in for the Mozilla browser. This according to the Sun Java technology help page. My problem is this - I'm fairly new to Linux and the Linux directory structure is causing me great consternation. I don't know how to find which directory Mozilla is in so I can create a link to it. Java I just installed it in the same directory it was downloaded into, which may or may not be correct (could use a little guidance on that too). I've gone through the basic terminal commands (and the GUI system) and cannot find a way to querry and find out where Mozilla resides - or any other set of program files, for that matter. I'm using RH 9.

Also, how does one transfer files from whatever directory they are in to the MP3 player my son is getting? I feel certain this MP3 player does not have anything Linux on the CD that comes with it.

Thanks in advance. I'd sure like to have this working by Christmas morning.

Mozilla normally installs into /opt or /usr/local/mozilla or maybe /usr/mozilla

Simply adding the plugin to Mozilla won't let Limewire, you also need to modify some other settings in the users' login scripts. There is a good tutorial on installing Java (based on MDK9.1, but pretty universal) at

(If you using Fedora Core, then MP3 support is not included y default, so you will need to grab a different version of XMMS from somewhere, is a good place to start)

Thanks....I did know that LimeWire couldn't find the VM, and just assumed that since it was running with a browser, it would run with the plug-in. I did seem to find where Mozilla was by right clicking the icon and looking in properties; so far so good.

Anyone know of a P2P that will run directly on RH9 without doing anything else? Just to make life simplier while I'm learning?

There are some, but I found LimeWire to be the best. Once you get java working (which you might aswell considering it is useful asa browser plugin) it is nice and simple to use. It is also one of the few clients that offer decent network configuration screens (eg proxy servers, bandwidth settings).

Many of the other cleints dont have proper UIs included, which means you essentially have to isnytall two different packages.

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