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Full Version: Redhat Problem
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Ran a Plesk update on my server today and now I can't get the box to boot as before. First off the server is at a remote location and allows me to boot both from disk (RedHat 9) or a Rescue system (stripped down RAM based distro). Anyways when I boot to disk now I can't get in with SSH. Since I only have remote access to the server, I am forced to boot from the Rescue system. From there I can mount my RedHat drive. I am suspecting that the RedHat kernel may have been damaged. It could also just be a configuration issue. Looking at the file structure, I can't spot anything. Any ideas as to how I could assure that RedHat boots with SSH on and ready. Are there any ways of replacing the kernel while I'm in Rescue mode? That way I could get in and use RPM installer to update Plesk and other components and hopefully that would fix everything. Any ideas are welcome ... Please.
A couple things to try. First you might want to try to just check your grub settings. Make sure that its pointing to the right kernel, or you could point it back to the old kernel to get yourself booted.

If you mounted the system, you should be able to chroot into it. First you will need to mount the root drive, and then mount everything else into their places manually. Then try this command

chroot /mnt/server /bin/bash

it should give you a bash on the remote system. I have never done this via ssh but I asume that it would work much like using it from a live CD on the system.

I would double check your grub stuff first, then try that.
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