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Full Version: Cant Hear Music
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This is going to sound like a pretty basic question but I have to ask somebody:
I am using Suse 9,1 and it has been fully updated. I can hear internet radio through xmms but my cds don't produce sound. The cdplayer plays but there is no sound, I am very confused would anyone have any idea why this is and how I might be able to fix it?
Sounds like you dont have an anlogue sound cable from your CD player to your sound card/mobo. In xmms is an option to use digital cd-playback. Enable that, and it should work.

To change the option:

Open options
Go to input plugins
Select CD Audio Player
Click on configure
Select Digital Audio Extraction
Click OK
Ok I did that but I selected play - file and went to dev/cdrom and dev/cdrecorder and it couldn't load any files, seemed like there was none to load. What do I do now?
Thanks so much for your help
Have a look in /dev/ to check the path of your cdrom - for instance on my system it is /dev/cdrom or /dev/cdrom1 or /dev/dvd. If none of those work, go straigt for the actualy drive, which is one of:

/dev/hda <-- Normally your hard disk (IDE0 Master)
/dev/hdb <-- (IDE0 Slave)
/dev/hdc <-- (IDE1 Master)
/dev/hdd <-- (IDE1 Slave)

If you dont know which IDE channel your drive is plugged into, or whether it is slave or master, try all of the above. If it still doesnt work, then we can think of some other things to try...

I have dev/cdrom and dev cdrecorder but they arent folders so I cant view the contents...? I click on, for example, add files and nothing happens.

they dev/cdrom and dev/cdrecorder aren't folders, how do I see the files on the cd??

this is very strange
/dev/cdrom etc. are devices, if you want to see whats on them you have to mount them

Normally, you can do this by typing

"mount /dev/cdrom" or "mount /dev/cdrecorder"

Still no luck, I cant believe the Suse developers would keep it so it is so difficult to see the files on a cd, in windows I just use windows explorer. I must be doing something wrong...
This is a general Linux thing. It isn't that Linux doesnt want to show you the files, it's that Windows doesnt show you the device itself. Things in /dev/ are not really files, they are acutally interfaces for the various devices connected to the system. This makes it easier to see what is connected/detected, and also easier to interface with the devices from a programmers point of view.

Many distros (though I dont know about Suse) contain an "automount" daemon (background-process) that automagically makes cdroms etc. appear in the filesystem, rather than just as a device. A cd-rom drive is always part of the system-devices, but only becomes part of the file-system when a cd is inserted, and it has been mounted.

For more information about "mounting" go into a terminal (eg konsole) and type "man mount" (without the "s)

Looks like the command to mount it is
mount -t type dev dir

Im not sure what to type in for 'type' 'dev' 'dir'

I imagine the commad is something like mount - whatevertype cdrom /home/me

but I dont know what type (or dev or dir) is supposed to be.
You shouldnt need to use the full command, as there should be an entry in the "fstab" file that tells the mount command everything it needs to know based on the device you specify.

If not, use something like

"mount -t auto /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

(NB - Make sure you have root access at the time, (type "su -" from the command line and enter your password) and also make sure there is a directory called /mnt/cdrom

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