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Full Version: Glibc Errors
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I messed up my RedHat 9 system something bad and had to do a reinstall. I did it over the existing install so I wouldn't lose anyfiles. After a few days I finally got it to boot past the GRUB menu.

When it's going through the start process I notice a bunch of errors relating to "glibc". The only way I can get my system to start up is to run through the "Interactive" setup and chose what to run and what not to run. When the system finally boots up it gives a ton of errors about not being able to boot into xwindows and kicks me to the command line. During boot up if I dont choose "interactive" setup the system freezes at "Starting ATD" the it follows with the below error. Anyone know what in the world this is and how to fix it??

/usr/sbin/httpd relocation error /lib/tls/libpthreadiso.0 symbol = resp, version glibc_private not
defined in file libc.so6 with link time reference.

maybe a update would help, my guess is that the previous rh9 installation was updated regullary...and now you installed on top of it a older version (it's rh9...but not with the latest rh9 kerenel...apachee...n stuff)

if possible, can you issue a update ? with apt-get ?

download from here, type the following command in the terminal

cd /home


rpm -Uvh *-fr1.i386.rpm
apt-get update
apt-get dist-update (i think this is the command, run apt-get ...and it'll list it's commands)

after it finished, hopefully installing the missing things... reboot

Robert B
When I run the rpm command I get the same kind of glibc errors.. Actually I already had APT-GET and when I try to run the apt-get commands I get the same errors.. I was going to upgrade to Fedora 3 anyways.. Now is as good a time as any. I've manged to move all my files to my windows PC through samba. Are there any "system" files I should keep? Maybe some that would help me setup all my network connections and all when I get FC3?

well dependign on what kinda services were running in your box...

samba was installed

so backup


... backup every config file you find important...

Robert B

FC3 was installed with no problems but I am having problems with apache. But that's another thread.
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