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Full Version: Installing Linux?
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Hi there,
I've tired of Windows and wish to use Linux instead. I've downloaded 3 cds containing Red Hat 9.0 and made a boot-disk form cd 1. I've deleted all partitions on the hd I wish to use and tried to boot my pc using the boot-disk, but when I get to the point where the installation asks for the installfiles and i put in the 1st cd it won't accept it. I've made .img files of all the drivers from cd 1 on floppy and still nothing works.
I've tried all I can think of but it won't work. Am I missing something here or are the cds no good??

Please help me out here.
Are you burning the ISO images correctly? You don't just burn the file to a CD, you have to create the ISOs for all three disks. If you do that, you shouldn't need to make a boot floppy. You should just be able to pop in the first disk and let it go.
I'm not sure what you mean by having to create the ISOs since they were downloaded as such. I've downloaded them and used Nero to burn the cds. Used the "Burn Image".... is that where I've gone wrong?

He means that,you must have downloaded the Operating system as ISOS(files with .iso extension).

You can directly burn them to CD using Nero(Burn image option).But better use "cdrecord".

After that,just put the first CD and boot the system.This time your computer should boot from the CD.If it doen't it means that CD is not bootable.If it boots,then when it comes to media check option do a media check before proceeding.

PS.Your computer might not boot from a CDROM,for that you can change the boot priority from BIOS
If your computer is a bit oldish, you may need to boot the CD-Rom with a floppy disk.

For this, you can use rawrite.exe (or rawrite2.exe) from google. The *.bin or *.img files you'll need to write to floppy using those programs should be on the RH9 CDs.

Otherwise, like he said, just go into BIOS (Restart computer, and it'll tell you the key to press to go into bios/setup), and set CD-Rom drive to be the first boot device.
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