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When at uni I access the Internet on Linux through standard ethernet router set up. Now I'm home I am trying to connect in the same way, through ethernet and router, which I could do fine before I went away last time but now I get this error on loading:

ntpd: opening firewall for input from port 123
ntpd: host not found
Try: iptables -h for more information

Then it tries to synchronize the system clock and again fails.

Once booted up I can no longer access any web pages as I could before. I'm pretty sure nothing has changed in the set up from when I was last using my home connection so have no idea why I can't connect.

Any ideas why this has happened and how I can fix it? I can access my router's settings page fine but no other pages and I know the connection is ok as it works fine for both XP and Mac OSX on wireless and wired.

Hopefully its a simple thing but any help is appreciated - something to do with the IP tables? Need updating and aren't for some reason maybe?

First please try 'dhcpcd eth0'

It sounds like your DNS settings arn't set up corrently.

Otherwise, if you have a (windows) machine that can load web pages, ipconfig /all and find the DNS server info.

Put the information in /etc/resolv.conf:

search isp.domain (usually optional)
nameserver (or whatever)
nameserver (add another nameserver entry if you need to)
unfortunately the 'dhcpcd eth0' command was not recognised (I take it you meant to type it into a terminal?) and adding the DNS servers found from ipconfig of windows has made no difference.

I have found that I cannot ping any page either. I can still get to the router's page.

Any other ideas? Thanks for the help
Actually adding the DNS name servers from ipconfig did work just had to put them above the ones already listed.
Thanks a lot dude
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