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Hi there,
I am a linux beginner and have the following questions regarding suse linux 9.0 (KDE 3.1) that I have just installed.
1. I can get downloads onto my desktop but how do I install them from there?
2. I have two HP all-in-ones, office jet K80 and 5510 - cannot get either to work with suse. Any ideas?
3. How do I get my SOUNDBLASTER LIVE 5.1 sound card to play 5.1 instead of the stereo is has defaulted to?
4. How do I get to listen to voice e-mails (.WAV files)?
5. I want to communicate with someone who uses MSN messenger. Can't get KOPETE to work, any ideas?
Sorry for the multiple questions, but I really need to get linux up and running.
Please respond in simple English, not computer speak !!!
Regards, Jane.

With the downloads are they just not running when you execute them? If so it's probably the permissions that the file has - when I download files onto linux it sets them to be unexecutable at first so in order to run them I have to change it under the file's properties/perrmissions - make sure where there are check boxes for the execution permission they are ticked.

To get the all-in-ones to work you'll probably need to find the specific linux drivers as they won't be standard. Search for them on google or the HP site. Not sure about the sound settings or wav files.

Never used KOPETE but if it's still not working try using amsn ( you should be able to find either the linux installer or files for suse here on the right. It's pretty much the same as msn - little less to it but its good and stable.

Hope you can get something from that! Ian
The problem with the downloaded files probably isn't permisions. Its probably just knowing what specifically to do with them.

If they are rpm files, and they don't run when you double click on them, then something might be wrong, but odds are you are referring to .tar.gz files or tar balls or source files (all three of those are the same thing). In that case, what you need to do is extract the files from the archive, and manually compile the script. Don't worry, explination comming.

.tar.gz files are to Linux as .zip is to windows. So, in order to get at the files you need to extract them. From the command line, run this command tar -xfvz file.tar.gz and that will un-pack the files. You need to make sure that you are in the folder where the file is. In this case, probably /home/[yourusername]/Desktop. Then just open the new folder (it probably has a very similar name to the archive) and find the README file, from there you should be ready to rock. Just following the directions and you will be set.
As for the Soundblaster card, try running the command alsamixer from the command line (you may need have root privilage) and see if you can configure the sound from there. Also, try to load the module emu10k1 with the command modprobe emu10k1 If you can't do either of those things, that probably the problem, and we can work with that.
As for the wav files, really all you need is some sort of player, like xmms or Noatun or anything. KDE and GNOME both come standard with at least two or three media players. What kind of problems specifically are you having with .wav files?

Ok, that should take care of your problems, well at least start to, I would not expect that we fixed all those problems right away, so just come back and we will continue to help you out. Good luck.
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