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Full Version: Easy Question...maybe...
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Ok, im new to linux so you may have to explain pretty good for a second. I have a linksys WUSB11 usb 80211b net card version 2.8. I have the tarball with the drivers in. I extracted them to a folder on my linux box and then the directions say to run 'make' then 'make install' Only Problem is THESE DONT WORK!! it comes up with 3 Asterisks then a message that it cant do something then a comma then stop (blah blah blah, Stop.) Im a visual learner but really cant figure this out for the life of me. And, i have the development packages installed(kernel development too...) someone told me to install those and it would work. Then someone else said i needed a 'GCC compiler' for it to work. WHO IS B.S-ing ME and WHO ISNT!?! mad.gif Would some nice person tell me what to do..please? well thanks for any and ALL help. Oh, and if its any help, i edited this file in /etc somewhere from usb-ohci to just usb or something like the directions said, but couldnt get any farther...

./configure (don't forget this one...)
make install

Robert B
It would probally help if you posted the error instead of saying "some message". wink.gif

If you don't have gcc installed, that's a major problem, and you should install that. =( Not sure what distro you use, but if it has any graphical package managment software, you can probally install it with that.

And the, as Robert said, just ./configure
make && make install


Best of luck!
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