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Full Version: Ssh From Out Side Of Lan
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I searched the forum and didnt find what i was looking for maybe you guys can help.
I have sshd set up on my linux box which is running slack 10 i can ssh in from the lan but i cant get in from the internet. i am using a windows box as the main router, stupid i know, but i have port 22 open ont he fire wall, and it still says networks service unavailible. any tips would be great.
This is for W2K. I do not know if it is the same for XP.
You should use a static IP address for the linux box.
i do use a static ip for the linux box. but i am not using the windows firewall. and i have tried to set up the service on the windows box following the guide you posted doesnt seem to work.
got it thanks for the help
evidently you cant use your outside ip when testing. i had to have a friend i trusted try it for me and it worked.

Slowly very slowly i am becoming less of a newbie tongue.gif
I am not quite sure what exactly you are doing, and you may or may not understand this, but I am just going to give you a quick crash course in a few things, I am banking however that you know this.

So say you have a network, in your case some terminals made up of linux and windows that all patch into a central windows server of some sort. That server is connected to the outside world.

Any computer or say a cable modem connetect to the internet gets assigned its own IP address, and that one is unique in the world and you can plug it in from any computer and get that box. Google's is you type that into any browser and you will get google.

So inside your network, each terminal connected also gets an IP address, that IP address is only for the local system. If you want to ssh from out side into one of your linux terminals, what you need to do is forward port 22 to that box. Then you ssh to the ip of the server (the external IP) and it gets forwarded to the box.

So if the box say has an internal ip of you set the server to forward port 21 to and you ssh to the IP of the external server.

If you knew that great, you are doing well, there was a time when I couldn't figure that out, so.... Good luck with what your doing and come back and ask questions any time. They don't even have to be specific "linux" questions, if they are just general question go ahead and post them some where appropriate like the General Discussion Forum. See you around.
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