I'm trying to install a driver for the network card in a Compaq nx9010 notebook running a 2.4 kernel version of Debian. I'm trying to use drivers and instructions provided here:




and here:


I think I've identified the driver I need as the network card (I think) is a National Semiconductor DP83815, so the driver should be natsemi.c. I've tried to install just that driver and the 'source RPM package' (from the second address above). For the install of the source RPM package I don't know how to get the 'Scyld PCI Netdriver package' onto the nx9010 notebook as the link on the page doesn't seem to work. For just installing the natsemi.c driver I've tried the instructions and not got anywhere. The first instruction is 'Verify that the source code for your current kernel version is installed' I don't know how to do this, so this may be where I'm failing if the source code isn't installed. Any ideas how I should proceed.

Thanks for any help