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Hi All,

I am about to download a Linux distro, and was wondering which is the one which would be most suited to my needs.

I work in a computer security firm, and have very little experience with Linux. I need to learn to use it to further my career.

Any ideas on a good distro?

Get a Red Hat Enterprise clone like WhiteBox or CentOS

These are clones of Red Hat Enterprise so it will be just like working on RHE without the expensive licensing. Great for resume "I have RHE experience" and they are great stable systems to run servers and what not off of. Good luck.
Downloading a distro is a bad idea if ur a newbie..
so instead look for CDs that come along with Computer mags...
they r bundled with all the req software . n cost much less than dl the same thing.

SUSE is really good if ur a newbie... try the personal edition.. n u will love it..

hope this helps..
I would not say that downloading ISO's is a bad idea. Pretty much any ISO you download off the internet is going to be chock full of the programs you need.

I mean, unless you get a distro like debian or gentoo or something, those are more advanced. But what ever. If you get White Box or CentOS it is going to have everything you could possibily need to run a server. Thinks like apache, proFTP, MySQL...

Again, I recomend White Box or CentOS, you don't want to use SuSE for a server, its not that it would make a bad server, but the other ones will make a better server, and are exactly like Red Hat Enterprise, somethiing that you will run into in the future in the IT world.
I don't quite get what bobaryan means. For just about any distro, the download is free. Maybe in some rare cases you are required to pay for the ISO image, but I think even Suse has an FTP install ISO you can download. Not sure, but Fedora Core might work for learning Linux as opposed to using it on the actual server.
i just got the new fedora 3 64-bit, and i love it!
im relatively new to linux to, the only downside is that there are a lot of programs that still are'nt ported for this achitecture yet. sad.gif
I have several, here is the run down:

For Ease-of-use: SUSE
For Fun: Gentoo
For Server: Debian
I agree with Jim ... CentOS (or WhiteBox EL, or TaoLinux) is good. It is easily downloaded. It is a RHEL clone. RHEL is the Enterprise Distro most widely used in the USA (it is second to SUSE Enterprise outside the USA).

There is no SUSE Enterprise Clone to download and SUSE EL is very expensive to by for testing ... SUSE Enterprise is the Second most widely used Enterprise Distro in the US ... and the Most widely used Enterprise Distro outside the USA.

Of the three RHEL clones I listed, I like CentOS the best ... it has many more mirrors, gets the updates out faster, and already has a beta of CentOS-4 (from the RHEL4-Beta2 sources) that is available for download via rsync or http.
I used Fedora core 2 to get me started in linux after playing with that for a few months i started disto hunting. I have ended on slackware. I am glad though that i started with Fedora, having the 1500 page book to guide me through my infancy in linux, I mean read hat wink.gif was nice. only thing with it was when i switched to a less idiot proof version i had to figure out how to do all the configing by hand. but all in all it was a good expeirience, which prompted me to ditch Windoz entirely.

It's great for a beginner who wants to install linux, IMHO.

It doesn't allow you to log in as root, which solves 90% of the problems most users seem to have. (Hey, I'm logged in as root... I wonder what chmod -R -r /etc does?).

It also has excellent hardware detection, and nice respositories. (Has non-free as well, and lets you install 3D nvidia drivers using apt-get easily.)
When I first started playing with linux I used SuSE 8 PE I got at comp USA for like 40 bucks cause I wanted a manual. Havent had Linux in 3 years I'd say but I have finally gotten sick of Windows and the Holes that keep letting me get attacked by spyware and crap. So I now am using (Or will fully be using) Fedora Core 3. So far I like it, I am just having issues with the Dual Boot so I can game still with fam and friends on Win2K but I think I have that solved as soon as I get home and can finish re-installing again. And since your working at it with the first time when you install any distro it will usually ask what the primary use is for Desktop, Workstation, Server. Choose Workstation. LOL, I now have a pet peeve about distros that do not include a compiler with a Desktop install which you will need as your learning stuff. And remember Google and Forums like this and within 3 weeks you'll have the gist of it and it's kinda like riding a bike, though I didnt use SuSE or any linux in like 3 years I still remembered the basics when now working with FC3 but some stuff has changed though its still very easy.
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