My ISP blocked port 25 so I can't use it to use SMTP to send mail. I went on the usenet forum, and they said I can't just change the default port because it doesn't know where to go. That I'd have to send it to a server that has port 25, then reply it back to my server w/ a different port.

But here's the thing. I installed a Windows SMTP server with a different port, port 2525, added it to my router, and it worked!!! That means, all I have to do is let my mail server have a different port. The reason I did this was mainly for testing purposes only.

My question to you guys is, can I get qmail, which is my pop/smtp server, to run on port 25? Well, of course only the SMTP (qmail-smtpd) to run on 2525. I read online that I open up /qmail-smtpd/run, and change the:

0 smtp


0 2525

I did that. I saved the file, restarted it, but it still didn't work. I added the port 2525 to my router, so that's good. Is it something with the firewall, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help you can give me!!!!

Ken Cooper

EDIT: I disabled the firewall, and it still didn't work. Should I need to do anything else? Like, the /etc/hosts file, do I need to allow/disallow something? Or should I need to do anything else? I'm kinda new to this. Thanks again for all the help!!