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Full Version: Usb Wireless Connection
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I am currently in the process of trailing Linux for a possible permanent switch from windoze. I am a complete n00b to linux but have a fair amount of computer experience.

I connect to the internet through a USB wireless device (Belkin 802.11g) however I cannot find a driver for it anywhere - I found a page through these forums ( however that wont work either!

I am desperate to ditch windoze but wont be able to unless I can get this to work!

Any help would be much appreciated.


EDIT: I am using Mandrake 10.1 btw
While I've never tried linux using a USB-wireless adapter (no offense, but why use these? Horrible connectivity/range, imho), you might want to check out ndiswrapper. I've tried using this for both PCMCIA and PCI cards.

You can use the windows driver for it (Try using the WinXP driver for it for best results).

after installing:

ndiswarpper -i /mnt/cdrom/WinXP/driver.inf
modprobe ndiswrapper
iwconfig wlan0 key open yourkeyhere (if not opened, might be restricted. to find out, iwlist wlan0 scan will tell you)
iwconfig wlan0 essid ESSID (probally something like linksys, or home. I'm sure you know what it is though)
dhcpcd wlan0

(if dhcpcd doesn't work, you might have to install it, or just use 'ifup wlan0 && ifup wlan0 wlan0)

Hope this helps!
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