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I've been working on a game in which you fly hovercrafts around and blow eachother up. Its a pretty cool game, and I think I will probably have a release by the end of the month. Because its GPL, i've got it on sourceforge and they do support python(what i'm writing everything in), but i've read that you cannot use outbound sockets on a sourceforge account. The metaserver works, because it simply keeps track of a list of IP addresses and never actually needs to send data to clients in realtime, simply when they request it. Does anywhere free I could host a script which listens on a UDP port, and if a client connects sends all the other clients its IP Address? It is a relatively low traffic script, because it simply transmits the IP addresses of clients as they join and leave. The clients then talk between eachother. I would host it myself, yet I have a dynamic IP address. Also, Charter says not to host things in there EULA.
You would need a deciated server, because you need your won IP address. However, you could build an HTTP interface which simply adds the ip address to a list, and then serves it to all the other clients which request a copy every minute or so

I was thinking about that HTTP idea. I do something similar for the Master server (lists all the servers), but the clients would need to refresh more like every second or two, because if not, dead hovercrafts would hang around for a while, just standing there (if the computer crashed or reset). And if you do it too often, it becomes a strain on sourceforge's server.
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