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Full Version: Pci Express
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Hi All,

Im new to linux as a whole, but my job requires me to learn how to use it to an effective level. I thought the best way to do this would be to install it onto my home machine, and use it as much as possible. My boss is a big fan of the Debian distro, so i thought i'd go for something based on Debian. I chose Libranet (wise or not?). After some trouble with SATA drive support, i managed to get the install underway. However, my next problem came from trying to install my graphics card. And thats where im stuck!! I need help badly.......
My machine is:

2.8 Ghz P4
3gb of RAM
ATI Radeon X800 SE 128mb

If anyone can help i would be gratefull. ( sorry about the long post, but i heard its good to talk about things which drive you insane)


this should help you solve the problem with the video card

follow the instructions... I know it's on a nforce2,... but it's about the ati driver...which is a pain in the ass to get working under linux (compared to nvidia)

Robert B

Does this work for PCI Express cards as well? isnt there a distro which will auto detect my card?

I know this is lazy, but my Linux skills really arent up too much.

Thanks for your reply,
It should work on PCI express just fine.

Most distros will not auto-detect ATI cards. If you don't need 3D support, or a high resolution, you could change the driver in /etc/X11/XF86Config (or XF86Config-4 or xorg.conf) from whatever it is currently to vesa

I think Fedora might work out of the box, with no 3D excelleration.
Yes...Fedora(2 or 3) configures ATI cards automatically..but without 3D acceleration.
Thanks everyone. I'll try Fedora, and hopefully that'll work.

3D acceleration is also supported for ATI cards by FC-2.
Just check out this link..
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